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Primitivo Puglia IGP - Ottenuto da Uve con Leggero Appassimento


Primitivo Puglia IGP - Ottenuto da Uve con Leggero Appassimento

Intense ruby red colour, with a complex aroma reminiscent of cherries, raspberries and currants. The oak ageing adds a pleasant toasty, spicy character. The palate is full bodied, soft and long-lasting.

Grapes: Primitivo
Vineyard area: the grapes are selected from vineyards around the Sava area, in the south of Puglia. Vines are trained using the traditional “Alberello Basso” method.

In mid August when the grapes have reached perfect maturity, we carry out a specific technique called “Il giro del Picciolo”. This consists of “twisting” the stalk of the bunches so that no nourishment will reach the grapes, resulting in 25-30% loss of liquid over a period of around 12 days – in effect a drying technique which happens directly on the vines themselves.

Harvest: the Primitivo grapes are carefully picked by hand at the end of August.

Vinification: After de-stemming, the grapes are gently pressed, keeping the skins intact while colour is extracted. Fermentation takes place at a controlled temperature of 22-25 °C over a period of 8-10 days. Duting the early stages of fermentation we carry out frequent pumping over and delestage in order to achieve soft tannins and the best aromas. After racking Malolactic Fermentation is induced, using selected bacteria.

Around 25% of the wine is aged for 12 months in a mixture of French and American barriques.


YearIssued byCountryAward TitleVintageAwarded
2019Gilbert Gaillard International ChallengeFRCarlomagno Primitivo Appassimento Puglia IGP2018GOLD MEDAL
2019CHINA WINE & SPIRIT AWARD 2019CNCarlomagno Primitivo Appassimento Puglia IGP2017SILVER MEDAL
2018HARPERS WINE STARSUKCarlomagno Primitivo Appassimento Puglia IGP20174 STARS
2018BERLINER WEIN TROPHY 1ST TASTINGDECarlomagno Primitivo Appassimento Puglia IGP2016GOLD medal
2018MUNDUS VINIDECarlomagno Primitivo Appassimento Puglia IGP2016GOLD medal
2017Mundus ViniDECarlomagno Primitivo Puglia IGP2015silver medal
2017Berliner Wein TrophyDECarlomagno Primitivo Puglia IGP2015gold medal
2017IWSCUKCarlomagno Primitivo Puglia IGP2015silver medal
2017IWCUKCarlomagno Primitivo Puglia IGP2015bronze medal
2017Decanter World Wine AwardsUKCarlomagno Primitivo Puglia IGP2015commended
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