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«Integro» is the Italian definition for intact, whole, complete: with this couple of traditional organic wines Primitivo and Negroamaro, from Puglia we totally respect their provenance by keeping the terroir untouched by any chemicals or pesticide.

In the extreme south east of Puglia lies the Salento Peninsula, one of the most important agricultural areas in the whole of Italy with miles of unspoilt coast.This corner of Italy has a micro-climate which is absolutely perfect for the cultivation of grapes.The microclimate of Salento is perfect for producing deep and complex wines.

Our philosophy is to be in perfect harmony with nature, intervening only when absolutely necessary, thereby ensuring that each and every grape expresses its own individual personality.

Integro Primitivo & Integro Negroamaro are «organically grown and traditionally crafted in Puglia».


-Pure expression of Puglia terroir

-Rich and full bodied

-Premium packaging with debossing technique

-Indigenous grapes varieties

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