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With the Purato wines, we bottle exactly what Mother Nature has given us – there is nothing added and nothing taken away.  The results are immediately recognizable in the taste of the wine, which has a complete purity of fruit, totally unadulterated by any chemicals or man-made pesticides. Our total commitment to the environment extends beyond the wine itself, in fact we use 100% eco-friendly products. Purato is a quality range of indigenous, affordable Sicilian wines, which are characterized by their purity of fruit and an impeccable environmental conscience.

Our Credentials:

Organic: Certified by authorized body, Bioagricert IT BIO 007.

Vegan Friendly from 2015 vintage

Recycled Paper and Cardboard: Manufacturer technical sheet and declaration that materials used come from recycled paper and cardboard.

Vegetable Ink: Supplier certificate and technical sheet showing components of the ink come from vegetable sources.

Recycled Glass: Manufacturer declaration that at least 70% of the glass used is recycled.

Carbon Neutral Certified: By reducing emissions via carbon offsetting we are taking responsibility for our unavoidable impact on the environment. 

The Range