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Catarratto Pinot Grigio Terre Siciliane IGP


Catarratto Pinot Grigio Terre Siciliane IGP

The blending of these two grapes creates an enjoyable, everyday drinking wine that offers intense aromas of both citrus and tropical fruit flavours. Perfect with seafood or as an aperitif.

Grapes: 60% Catarratto and 40% Pinot Grigio.
Vineyard area: grapes are selected from the best vineyards in the Trapani area. This vineyard is one of the most characteristic and typical of this area, with a predominance of white grapes. Vine training is by traditional Spalliera system.

Harvest: Pinot Grigio is picked in the first part of August while Catarratto in the second part of September. Both are handpicked which allows us to select the grapes when at their optimum maturity while retaining the grapes acidity.

Vinification: after destemming, grapes are gently pressed. Fermentation takes place at controlled temperatures not exceeding 18°C for approximately 3 weeks. Malolactic fermentation does not take place. After the fermentation of Catarratto is finished, the two wines are blended and kept on fine lease until the end of December.


YearIssued byCountryAward TitleVintageAwarded
2018The Global Organic MastersUKPurato Catarratto Pinot Grigio2017silver medal
2017IWCUKPurato Catarratto Pinot Grigio2016commended
2017Berliner Wine TrophyDEPurato Catarratto Pinot Grigio2016silver medal
2015IWCUKPurato Catarratto Pinot Grigio2016commended
2016BioweinpreisDEPurato Catarratto Pinot Grigio2015gold medal
2016Decanter World Wine AwardsUKPurato Catarratto Pinot Grigio2015commended
2016IWCUKPurato Catarratto Pinot Grigio2015commended
2016Decanter World Wine AwardsUKPurato Catarratto Pinot Grigio2015commended
2015IWSCUKPurato Catarratto Pinot Grigio2014bronze medal
2015Internationaler BioweinpreisDEPurato Catarratto Pinot Grigio2014gold medal
2015IWCUKPurato Catarratto Pinot Grigio2014commended
2014BioweinpreisDEPurato Catarratto Pinot Grigio2013gold medal
2014IWSCUKPurato Catarratto Pinot Grigio2013bronze medal
2014IWCUKPurato Catarratto Pinot Grigio2013bronze medal
2014Decanter World Wine AwardsUKPurato Catarratto Pinot Grigio2013commended
2014Mundus ViniDEPurato Catarratto Pinot Grigio2013gold medal
2013BioweinpreisDEPurato Catarratto-Pinot Grigio2012gold medal
2013IWSCUKPurato Catarratto-Pinot Grigio2012bronze medal
2013Millesime BioFRPurato Catarratto-Pinot Grigio2011silver medal
2012BioweinpreisDEPurato Catarratto-Pinot Grigio2011silver medal
2012IWSCUKPurato Catarratto-Pinot Grigio2011bronze medal
2012International Wine ChallengeUKPurato Catarratto-Pinot Grigio2011commended
2011Wine Innovation MastersUKPurato Catarratto-Pinot Grigio2010commended design & packaging
2011Wine Innovation MastersUKPurato Catarratto-Pinot Grigio2010commended
2011IWCUKPurato Catarratto-Pinot Grigio2010commended
2011IWSCUKPurato Catarratto-Pinot Grigio2010bronze medal
2011Decanter World Wine AwardsUKPurato Catarratto-Pinot Grigio2010commended
2010BioweinpreisDEPurato Catarratto-Pinot Grigio2009silver medal
2010Selection Mondiales De VinsCAPurato Catarratto-Pinot Grigio2009silver medal