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Nero d'Avola Sicilia DOC


Nero d'Avola Sicilia DOC

Sicily’s number one red grape variety, Nero d’Avola is indigenous to the island. Our Purato Nero d’Avola has a wonderful structure, yet has soft tannins and is very approachable. Packed with red berry fruit flavours, it is ideal with red meat and tomato based pasta sauces.

Grapes: 100% Nero d'Avola.
Vineyard area: the grapes are grown on the hills of the Trapani area, with the traditional Spalliera system.

Harvest: early October.

Vinification: the grapes are destemmed and gently pressed. Fermentation takes place at controlled temperatures not exceeding 28°C with frequent pumping over in the early stages in order to ensure optimum colour extraction and soft tannins. After fermentation, the wine is racked off and the malolactic fermentation takes place.


YearIssued byCountryAward TitleVintageAwarded
2017Decanter World Wine AwardsUKPurato Nero d'Avola2016bronze medal
2017IWCUKPurato Nero d'Avola2016bronze medal
2016Decanter World Wine AwardsUKPurato Nero d'Avola2015bronze medal
2016BioweinpreisDEPurato Nero d'Avola2015silver medal
2016BERLINER WEIN TROPHYDEPurato Nero d'Avola 2015gold medal
2016Decanter World Wine AwardsUKPurato Nero d'Avola 2015bronze medal
2015Internationaler BioweinpreisDEPurato Nero d'Avola2014silver medal
2015IWSCUKPurato Nero d'Avola2014silver medal
2015DecanterUKPurato Nero d'Avola2014commended
2014BioweinpreisDEPurato Nero d'Avola2013commended
2014IWSCUKPurato Nero d'Avola2013bronze medal
2014IWCUKPurato Nero d'Avola2013commended
2014Decanter World Wine AwardsUKPurato Nero d'Avola2013commended
2014Berliner Wine TrophyDEPurato Nero d'Avola2013gold medal
2014Mundus Vini BIODEPurato Nero d'Avola2012gold medal
2013IWSCUKPurato Nero d'Avola2012bronze medal
2013IWCUKPurato Nero d'Avola2012commended
2013Millesime BioFRPurato Nero d'Avola2011bronze medal
2012Decanter World Wine AwardsUKPurato Nero d'Avola2011silver medal
2012IWSCUKPurato Nero d'Avola2011bronze medal
2011Wine Innovation MastersUKPurato Nero d'Avola2010bronze medal (for tasting)
2011Wine Innovation MastersUKPurato Nero d'Avola2010bronze medal (design & packaging)
2010BioweinpreisDEPurato Nero d'Avola2009silver medal
2010WinescoresCAPurato Nero d'Avola200989 Points
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