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Provencal style ros5




A  Dry  Rosé from  Veneto Hills

The grapes for Rosélia come from the vines in the Western part of Veneto, where vineyards and cherry trees create a stunning panorama of gentle hills striped with rows of vines, enhanced in spring by cherry blossom and framed by a backdrop of rugged mountains.

Here, where the famous Italian architect Palladio built some of his most beautiful villas, the vine has been cultivated for more than one thousand years to produce wonderful, high quality wines.

The region is perfect for producing very delicate dry rosè wines, with a natural low alcohol level but very rich in flavours. The vineyards in the valley are deeply influenced by the mountains, which surround them; the rich minerals have a positive effect on the quality of the vines, while the proximity of the cold Alpine mountain chain results in incredibly fresh and crispy wines


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