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Santa Tresa Frappato 2011 - "Fynd", Bargain!

Santa Tresa Frappato


Great review of Santa Tresa Frappato from one of the most well known top journalist in Sweden,  Bengt-Göran Kronstam: Frappato got the best grade, "Fynd!" (bargain)!

“Frappato is an odd grape native variety of Sicily. Studies have demonstrated a relationship with the Sangiovese grape, but also with a dozen others, and its character doesn´t really remind of any other known grape variety. Possibly it reminds of the structure of the Gamay grape in Beaujolais, but the flavors are completely different. This sample has a large, open aroma and a juicy, very good, a little acid taste of wild raspberries in clear grape typical style. Perfect with grilled fish or chicken.”