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Het Parool - Holland

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Santa Tresa Frappato


Santa Tresa Frappato was selected in the top 3 by a the tasting panel of Het Parool, one of the biggest national newspaper in Holland!

It got the great score of 8.5, see here below the comments of the judges:


Rick Nieman, wine journalist: "Again this acidity. And also a subtile spiciness.  This combination 'crawls' (like 'sneaks') into the dish. It reinforces each other, makes each other better. I'm curious to know more about this wine

Guilaume de Beer, chef cook: "What a party! Light, almost transparent red. So lively, so vivid. Cherries, citrus, cheerful fruit. You can wake me up for this wine in the middle of the night! And that says something..."

Harold Hamersma, wine journalist: "Slightly dancing, almost fragile (in the sense of 'delicate') red wine. Dancing acidity keeps the wine 'upright' against the acidity in the dish. Nice, earthy character what goes well with the porcini. We are lucky this tasting session!"


Het Parool - Santa Tresa Frappato