The Wine People

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The Team

With the benefit of a completely fresh start, against a background of multi-faceted and far reaching experience, Stefano Girelli (Italian) and Peter Kosten (Dutch) got together in 2009 to create a new kind of wine company. Having worked together for many years at leading Italian producer Casa Girelli, the two have experience in every aspect of the wine trade, and in every major market in the world. Their vision was to create a business which could deliver a different kind of service to the buyer.

The Wine People Team is lean - there is no excess baggage. The team is highly focused, high achieving, and widely experienced, with everyone working tighly together to be as efficient and productive as possible.

Get in touch with us:

Stefano Girelli - President

Peter Kosten - Director of Export

Birgit Witt - Export Manager

Martina Gozzi - Export Manager

Victoria - Export Assistant

Priscilla Girelli - Export Manager

Rodrigo Re - Export Assistant

Michelle Kosten - Export Assistant

Alessandra Dokic - Export Assistant

Marisa Gaburro - Administration Manager

Leila Rodriguez - Accounts Assistant

Mattia Giacomelli - Winemaker Assistant