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Prosecco Frizzante DOC


Prosecco Frizzante DOC

Onbrina is “the” perfect aperitif: the bubbles are gentle, the nose has a classic, grapey Prosecco DOC character and on the palate the wine is very soft, but perfectly balanced with refreshing, lively acidity.

Grapes: Glera
Vineyard area: all vineyards are situated on gentle hillside slopes in the Veneto area. Vines are Cordon trained and density is 45,000 plants per hectare.

Harvest: the grapes are carefully picked in mid to late September when they reach full maturity but still retaining a high level of acidity that helps to express the freshness and fruitiness typical of Prosecco DOC.

Vinification: the grapes are destemmed and very gently pressed in a pneumatic press. Prior to fermentation the juice is chilled to allow a natural sedimentation of the solids and juice. Selected yeasts are added to initiate fermentation. As soon as the fermentation is finished the wine is racked. The wine is then cooled to prevent malolactic fermentation, in order to retain the fresh aromas.

First fermentation: the first fermentation takes place off the skins in temperature controlled conditions not exceeding 18°C, in stainless steel for approximately 8 - 10 days.

Second fermentation: the second fermentation is carried out in cuvée closed containers, no larger then 150 Hl. Secondary fermentation is initiated by adding selected yeasts, and fermentation is very slow at 14°C. The second fermentation is stopped by reducing the temperature when the pressure is about 2,5 Atm...just right for Onbrina.

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