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PEMO tells a  story of Abruzzo; two distinctive native wines whose characteristics and origins are symbolised by original drawings on the labels.

The name PEMO is a fusion of two historic, indigenous grape varieties: PE as in PECORINO and MO for MONTEPULCIANO, which have been grown in Abruzzo since 200 A.D.

PECORINO and MONTEPULCIANO embody the rugged Abruzzo region, where the mountains dramatically meet the sea . This connection is expressed in the form of fox for MONTEPULCIANO (Hills, forest) and a whale for PECORINO (the sea).

The fox and the whale tell the story of this unique area: a typical Abruzzo scene is pictured – a vine is growing up a hillside topped with a tower, with the more unusual and eye-catching element of a whale and a fox clinging onto the steep slope.

The whale brings to mind links to the sea; the transparency of the water represents the clarity of the PECORINO, incredibly fresh and the perfect accompaniments to fish and seafood.

The Red color of the fox’s coat embodies the intense red colour of MONTEPULCIANO and the intensity of this deep, rich and rugged red.

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