For over 30 years we have been producing quality wines in Italy and developing innovative projects.

We have a very wide range of wines, but each is produced with the utmost quality and care. Our mission is to satisfy the needs of an ever-evolving market and consumers who are seeking out different styles of wine. We pride ourselved on being able to develop the right wine and packaging for the target market.



Our wide experience enables us to serve customers all over the world.

Sustainability and quality in our wines is central to everything we do. We listen to your every need and try to translate it into reality, without ever compromising the quality of the wines we produce.


years of experience

+ 8 MLN

bottles produced per year

+ 35

nations served

+ 10

years of experience in organic winemaking


We said no to standardization: no chemical intervention to alter the characteristics of the soil, or to accelerate its recovery. Each strip of land is given the opportunity to produce according to its own rhythms and express its unique character. Our vision at TWP goes beyond certifications.

We have abolished all forms of chemical intervention in the vineyard, only using completley natural fertilization methods. This is combined with the reintroduction of traditional cultivation techniques, which were always used in the past, when being organic wasn’t a choice, but the only option.

In the vineyard, we prefer to wait rather than force. For us, even adversity contributes to maintaining a natural balance that allows the vines to grow strong and healthy and to defend themselves without invasive chemical interventions of any kind.




Wine is definitely one of the strongest symbols for “Made in Italy” known around the world. Art, culture, history, nature, beauty, pleasure, fun: all of this can be present in our wines. Italian lifestyle can be delivered all around the world with the wines of TWP.




Everyone talks about quality. For us the word means respect for our land and for the character of our grapes, through rigorous and careful production methods from the vineyard to the winery. Innovation and ever-improving efficiency, logistics and communication, while respecting traditions.




Every single vine is the subject of continuous experimentation, which carries on into the winery, where we strive to understand better and enhance further the personality of each vine. Innovation and progress result in the amplification of the character of each individual terroir. Innovation is key to everything we do.