A way of life,
not a philosophy


We are so much more than organic!

Organic for us starts in the vineyard, continues into the winery and to the wines themselves. We love organic because it respects the land - those beautiful areas of Italy that we are duty bound to protect and preserve.

This symbol is found on all of our organic products.

Mission & Vision

Our commitment to the environment and to biodiversity began in 1985.

TWP is committed to producing wines which are sustainable and respect the environment. We develop brands which are innovative and authentically Italian. We aim to share our passion with our partners, contributing to responsible and healthy wine consumption. We produce our wines sustainably, while fully respecting the environment, and with a constant eye on future generations. It is for these reasons that so many of our wines are organic.

We also have great respect for human values and it is fundamental to our production process that we provide a healthy sustainable environment for our workers. From a market perspective we ensure that all our business relationships comply with the highest ethical standards and we offer value added brands through innovative marketing and services. We offer a personalised service to each of our customers, a service which is made-to-measure, and which simplifies the purchasing process.



It is essential for our wines that we take a sustainable approach throughout all of our production process.

Sustainability is based on three fundamental and essential pillars:

· Social sustainability
· Environmental sustainability
· Economic sustainability