Santa Tresa

Since 1697


Since 1697

Santa Tresa is located in the municipality of Vittoria, in the south east of Sicily, lying at around 240 metres above sea level. The estate encompasses 50 hectares, of which 39 are planted with vineyards, all of which are strictly organic and low intervention.

Trentino brother and sister Stefano and Marina are at the helm of the company. Their passion for this incredible land shows in the range of high quality wines, made by combining innovative winemaking and ancient traditions.


Biodiversity of Sicily

At Santa Tresa we grow everything organically, we don’t just respect nature, but we live in harmony with the natural world.

The result is better quality wines.

The amazing biodiversity of Santa Tresa is borne out by the incredible flora and fauna that are fully integrated in the vineyards.  We often see foxes, rabbits and many other animals, showing that our ecosystem is in perfect balance.