Welcome to the Wine People.

We are a team of specialist operators, passionate about what we do. 

We are growers, oenologists, technicians and managers. We are a family, a group of professionals united in our love of the world of wine, for sustainability and for uncompromising quality.  We offer a 360 degree service that revolves entirely around the customer: product design, production, logistics and customer care.

We supply all sales channels, on and off premise, with innovative wines and a tailor-made service. We operate in all sectors, continually developing wines which are in step with the market.


Filippo Casamassima & Stefano Chioccioli - WINEMAKERS

Of the moment” and “greatly experienced”: this is how we could sum up our two winemakers Filippo Casamassima and Stefano Chioccioli, who are responsible for all of our vinification.

One of their main strengths is to respect the provenance and style wines from every region, making them the ideal winemakers for our diverse portfolio at TWP. Stefano and Mattia love the challenge of making wines in so many regions of Italy, and are proud of their extremely high standards in every part of the winemaking process.

Stefano Chioccioli, who has worked with TWP since its foundation, is one of Italy’s most famous oenologists, who is also well known internationally.  Through his wide experience and super-modern winemaking techniques, Stefano helps us to achieve the best possible expression from our indigenous grape varieties.

Filippo Casamassima was born in Rome in 1995 and grew up in a family of restaurateurs, who gave him his passion for wine. Following his studies at the Mach Foundation in Trento, he worked all over Italy, then eventually in California. “Finally” he says, he has returned to Trento where it all began.


Our sales team is young, dynamic and full of enthusiasm: we are proactive, aware of market needs and consumer trends, which puts us in the perfect position to support our customers and develop the best product lines to meet their needs.

A solid, well-prepared and professional team, we will be able to support you from choosing the type of wine to the packaging, guaranteeing a first class service.