An ancient winemaking region



An ancient winemaking region

Puglia has always been considered a flourishing and fertile land for wine production. The history of the vine in Puglia has very ancient roots.

Vines were probably present in Puglia before the Greeks colonized the area in the eighth century BC, however some of the varieties now considered to be indigenous to Puglia were introduced by the Greeks – for example Negroamaro. The “albarello” method of vine training which is found all over Puglia, was also introduced by the Greeks.

Negroamaro and Primitivo

Primitivo is the red grape variety most widely grown in central Puglia and which makes the famous Primitivo DOC, one of the best known wines of the region. Primitivo was almostly certainly introduced to the region of Puglia in the 1700s and owes its name to the fact that it tends to ripen earlier than other varieties.  It was first called primativus, from which the name Primitivo derives.

Negroamaro is the other most important red grape variety in Puglia.  The name evokes the flavours of the Puglian terroir, the wines are wonderfully nuanced with great depth and often need many years of ageing.  From a winemaking point of view it is very versatile due to the high level of pigmentation and concentration in the grapes.